10 September 2009


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When I saw the news of Mike Comrie's return to Edmonton, I found every funny tweet regarding the move and re-tweeted it with the tag, #BarfOilers.

Okay, I know the money is good. I know that he's probably done a lot of growing up since he left town. I know that on rare occasion, I carry a grudge. I'm looking at you, Jamie Langenbrunner.

I don't have a huge problem with Mike Comrie. That was eclipsed by the CFP incident. But what this indicates is a disconnect with management.

Bringing in Mighty Mouse doesn't move this team forward. It may prevent us from falling backwards due to the overwhelming lack of guys who can play centre. But that's not good enough. So, in the face of having a team that not just fails to make the playoffs but fails to compete, I feel we're just not gaining ground.

I feel like I should warn Hilary Duff (who I'm psyched to see on Gossip Girl this fall). Once you get the city on your side, we've got your back. But this is a town that doesn't forget. That Rich Boy on your arm, he hurt us last time around. 30 games, sitting out, and for what?

By all accounts, Duff was a fan favourite in Ottawa, where she made regular appearance watching games, often with regular fans, unlike Carrie Underwood who hid from the public.

I wish I could say the prodigal son has returned home to bring prosperity to the Oilers family. But I'm afraid he's just not enough. And his return shows the dire state this team is in.