24 March 2009

Laddy Smid: What's to like?

I was surprised to see that Ladislav Smid is a popular guy, even just among the dozen replies I got to my question. He was on more lists than anyone else, getting more points (based on my 5,4,3,2,1 system) than anyone else and averaging a placement of 3rd on everyone's lists.

What is it about Smid that we like?

His three goals ever in the NHL?
The fact that he's been thrown in as a winger this season?
His original nickname?

You tell me!

P.S. The rest of the voted top five would be Gagner, Horcoff, Lubo, and O'Sullivan.

22 March 2009

Who are your favourite three current Oilers?

I was thinking about this when Marty was recently in town... who is left for me to cheer for? Reasoner is long gone and not coming back. I had a soft spot for the Thoresens, the Hejdas...

Who are my top three now?

1. I <3 Lubo
2. Patty O'Sullivan (Number 19 lives on)
3. Pantsani

Now, I realize these pics go against my usual form of "underdogs" so I'll add honourable mentions to Liam "The Lion" Reddox and Laddy Smid.

Hell, just make it a top 5!

How about you? Even though this is Hot Oil, I'm not talking looks. Vote in the comments!

20 March 2009

13 March 2009

Oh snap.

Just scroll to the last 20 seconds.

12 March 2009

Guess what today is?

My boy is back in town! (Not Smyth, though his appearance in that picture is great.)

Sure, I'm not, but still..

Am I the only one who misses his clips? Just look at some of the stuff in this recent Jim Matheson story:

When Atlanta centre Marty Reasoner signed with the Thrashers last summer, he held onto his house here, but not because he was hoping his old club might get him back at the trade deadline.

"I'm looking to sell ... tell anybody who wants to buy, I'll give them two tickets to the game (today)," joked the former Edmonton Oilers forward. "I'd like to close on it before the game starts." Reasoner, who is having a very good season in Atlanta -- 23 points, plus- nine on a team solidly minus -- will be wearing a Thrashers sweater tonight and may also have brought a cardigan on the road. He did check the weather here before he checked his bags. When he found out it was sunny, but frosty, he shrugged. "All these years I spent in Edmonton, I never could figure out what they meant when they said, 'You know it's cold, but, hey, it's a dry cold,' '' said Reasoner.

Reasoner's sense of humour, not to mention his work in the faceoff circle and killing penalties, left a hole the Oilers haven't been able to fill this season.

Reasoner and Matt Greene were the dry wits in the dressing room.

"Geez, I'd rather they miss me as a player on the ice, rather than off it," he said.


Maybe I do wish he'd been traded to the Canucks?

05 March 2009

O'Sullivan and Kotalik: Reasons to not talk about Marty

I spent several hours glued to my computer today. Despite my Marty Watch, I was more intent on seeing what the Oilers would do. It would take until the final moment, long past the final minute, for something to come through.

Lets start with the negatives:
1. We become a bit smaller, a bit less gritty.
2. Erik Cole seems like a classy dude.

And the positives?
1. This is likely a wash: 20 games of Cole becomes 20 games of Kotalik
2. A 2nd or 5th round pick (depending on where I read) becomes Patrick O'Sullivan.
3. Both of these guys are hotter than Cole. Sorry Cole.

If you aren't familiar with the story of Patrick O'Sullivan, read it. You can't help but want him to succeed.

He's also the key to this whole thing and I commend Tambellini for working this deal out. The more I read about the numbers.. he's a shooter, he's still young, he might be small but he puts up a hit a game...

I really want it to work out.

I really just wanted to write about O'Sullivan. But Kotalik is here too, so, enjoy!

03 March 2009

Marty Reasoner Watch: 24 hours to the deadline

From Sports Illustrated's Darren Eliot:

This fun, fast, young bunch out of the Windy City is "ahead of schedule" according to GM Dale Tallon in terms of rebuilding. They will get much-needed experience with this spring's appearance, putting them in the same category as the Bruins, Caps and Flyers from last year -- rising teams that made the playoffs and used that to accelerate the maturity process. The Blackhawks need a centerman with some grit who can win faceoffs -- an area in which they've struggled all season. Players such as Dominic Moore or Marty Reasoner make sense here.


GM Mike Gillis played his hand early by bringing Mats Sundin into the mix. At this point, with goaltender Roberto Luongo rounding into form, tweaking is probably the course of action come Wednesday. Players already mentioned -- Kuba on the blueline and Reasoner up front -- are of the ilk Gillis is likely to target.

From Globe and Mail:

Meanwhile, Atlanta still has some depth forwards to peddle before they become unrestricted free agents.

Centre Marty Reasoner has 10 goals and is on pace for a career high. He wins face-offs and is plus-nine on an awful team. Eric Perrin can play all three forwards positions and, like Reasoner, he kills penalties. Perrin wants out of Atlanta, according to the Journal-Constitution.

I'll update today as I find stuff.

Loxy out.

02 March 2009

Where does my man go?


Marty Reasoner won't likely be an Atlanta Thrasher after the trade deadline. He's a UFA at the end of the season and is a good depth guy who can win faceoffs and kill penalties. He's also my favourite player.


Anyways, a friend of mine mentioned the potential of him coming to Vancouver. If I watch that happen on Wednesday, I will have no idea what to do.