O'Sullivan and Kotalik: Reasons to not talk about Marty

I spent several hours glued to my computer today. Despite my Marty Watch, I was more intent on seeing what the Oilers would do. It would take until the final moment, long past the final minute, for something to come through.

Lets start with the negatives:
1. We become a bit smaller, a bit less gritty.
2. Erik Cole seems like a classy dude.

And the positives?
1. This is likely a wash: 20 games of Cole becomes 20 games of Kotalik
2. A 2nd or 5th round pick (depending on where I read) becomes Patrick O'Sullivan.
3. Both of these guys are hotter than Cole. Sorry Cole.

If you aren't familiar with the story of Patrick O'Sullivan, read it. You can't help but want him to succeed.

He's also the key to this whole thing and I commend Tambellini for working this deal out. The more I read about the numbers.. he's a shooter, he's still young, he might be small but he puts up a hit a game...

I really want it to work out.

I really just wanted to write about O'Sullivan. But Kotalik is here too, so, enjoy!


Marsha said…
Slamming deal from Lowe/Tambellini! What a steal of a deal!!
Marsha said…
And Sully takes the number 19! He's obviously a fan of Marty!
Anonymous said…
great deal for the oil. they lock up two solid and yummy players!
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!! check out the post game in toronto and youll find out that brodziak shaved his head!!!
Hostpph said…
I didn't know that there are fans like this even in Canada. it is similar to South Korea and Starcraft professional players.

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