03 March 2009

Marty Reasoner Watch: 24 hours to the deadline

From Sports Illustrated's Darren Eliot:

This fun, fast, young bunch out of the Windy City is "ahead of schedule" according to GM Dale Tallon in terms of rebuilding. They will get much-needed experience with this spring's appearance, putting them in the same category as the Bruins, Caps and Flyers from last year -- rising teams that made the playoffs and used that to accelerate the maturity process. The Blackhawks need a centerman with some grit who can win faceoffs -- an area in which they've struggled all season. Players such as Dominic Moore or Marty Reasoner make sense here.


GM Mike Gillis played his hand early by bringing Mats Sundin into the mix. At this point, with goaltender Roberto Luongo rounding into form, tweaking is probably the course of action come Wednesday. Players already mentioned -- Kuba on the blueline and Reasoner up front -- are of the ilk Gillis is likely to target.

From Globe and Mail:

Meanwhile, Atlanta still has some depth forwards to peddle before they become unrestricted free agents.

Centre Marty Reasoner has 10 goals and is on pace for a career high. He wins face-offs and is plus-nine on an awful team. Eric Perrin can play all three forwards positions and, like Reasoner, he kills penalties. Perrin wants out of Atlanta, according to the Journal-Constitution.

I'll update today as I find stuff.

Loxy out.


Anonymous said...

oilers get another ales..... ales Kotalik. also they traded cole for patrick o'Sullivan.

i wish reasoner would've come back. i miss his funny quotes and the jokes he made with matt greene...

Sunshine36616 said...

Nice picture! I was excited when he posed for me when I took it at Casino Night.

We love Marty here in Atlanta and are keeping our fingers crossed that he re-signs. I just did a habitat for humanity build with him last week. There are pictures on my blog, just be sure and give me some credit if you use them :)

Host PPH said...

He was in his best moment when this pictures was taken but his face is priceless.