Where does my man go?


Marty Reasoner won't likely be an Atlanta Thrasher after the trade deadline. He's a UFA at the end of the season and is a good depth guy who can win faceoffs and kill penalties. He's also my favourite player.


Anyways, a friend of mine mentioned the potential of him coming to Vancouver. If I watch that happen on Wednesday, I will have no idea what to do.



Anonymous said…
You are obsessed about reasoner!!
What about chopper? No shout out to him?
Lord Bob said…
It is well-known that Loxy has eyes only for Reasoner, while Moreau is just glad to have eyes.

(Although if Marty does go to Vancouver, I'm afraid you're going to have to cut him loose. Some things are more important than being hot.)
Loxy said…
I don't really find Marty that hot. Decent looking guy, sure. But my heart is not won on looks alone - comic timing, now that's what gets me.

Considering I'm the only one posting here these days, I'll make what I want of this blog.
Lord Bob said…
Ah, but hot means more than just looks, does it not?

(Us ugly fat guys have to build our bubbles somehow!)
Loxy said…
I don't know how many of the guys I get involved with I'd describe as hot.. not many probably.

There has to be attraction, but that comes from all sorts of sources.
Loxy said…
I am willing to bet this is the only one.

You sad anonymous fool.

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