30 March 2008

"Just Doing Some Visualization Stuff"

It's not often that "Sexypants" Roloson speaks directly to his eccentricities (read: weird-ass behaviour), but in this clip he confirms that he is "just" doing some visualization exercises during those bizarre mid-game meditation sessions. Whatever. Keep it up, pal -- two games to go!

28 March 2008

There ain't no party like a popularity party cause a popularity party don't stop.

On April 1st, the Oilers will be giving out their end of the year awards. It'll likely be the last home game (though if we don't make the playoffs, please let us take the Canucks down with us) and a moment of reflection on the year that was.

So, I'd like to take this time to remind everyone, vote for your Oilers, give at least one nod my man Marty. Remember, he would vote for you too:


23 March 2008

Team Reasoner

Oh, hi there. It's been a long time, hasn't it? Lucky for you, I've been guilted into posting today by my visiting die-hard Oil fanboy brother. He seems to think this team might make the playoffs. I say NO CHANCE. Nevertheless, the Oilers remain the funniest team in the league, as evidenced by the below clip of Reasoner and Greene talking about last night's allowed goal. Funny = sexy, no?

Happy Easter, y'all! Eat lots of chocolate.

14 March 2008

Nobody cares what happened to...

Daniel Tjarnqvist! Because quasi-Lokomotiv Igor Ulanov happens to be (loosely?) tied to the Russian Super League team that is (loosely) tied to the Oilers, I have many excuses to write about them on hockey blogs that people actually still read.

Yes, it's the ever hot inflamed-pubic-bone-turned-sports-hernia himself. Tjarnqvist, part of the easily forgettable duo of former Oilers defencemen from Sweden that I call "Tjarnstrom," signed with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl some time ago. He has played 18 games for the club, with one goal and two assists.

If this picture had been floating around during last year's Hot Off, he would have made it to the finals for sure. No nasty business here!

04 March 2008

All is not bad in Oilerland

Sam Gagner
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Your NHL rookie of the month: Sam Gagner

I keep remembering that he's a rookie. But I keep forgetting just how young he is.