"Just Doing Some Visualization Stuff"

It's not often that "Sexypants" Roloson speaks directly to his eccentricities (read: weird-ass behaviour), but in this clip he confirms that he is "just" doing some visualization exercises during those bizarre mid-game meditation sessions. Whatever. Keep it up, pal -- two games to go!


Marsha said…
Twinkle Toes Roloson is beyond weird but damn I dig it! I would dig it more if he played a bit better but hell, he's done pretty good down the stretch. Two to go Roli, visual those wins for us!
Lady_Byng said…
Oh I'm suprised you gals didn't pick up on Marty's stellar block after the puck was back out in the slot, atta boy Marty!
Roli better be visually a big win on Tuesday! GOILERS!
Unknown said…
Weird-ass or not, he looked pretty damn good in that suit when heading into the Saddledome before Saturdays game. Sexypants indeed. : )
Great blog!
Anonymous said…

Our latest hot OIler in his *ahem* previous career??

And for the "aawww" factor:

Anonymous said…
This has nothing to do with Roli unfortunately, but Sheldon Souray made it to number ONE on Entertainment Tonight Canada's Top Sexiest List for male athlete or something (i was way too distracted to catch the actual title of the list) ! =)
Unknown said…
Canada's top most eligible bachelors, I think :)

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