31 July 2008

How hot is our new GM?

I know Alana likes the 'stache and I don't think I can resist those eyes... 

But the best part of it all, taking something from the Canucks. 

21 July 2008

Your favourite Marty memories

My favourite Marty memory was just before last season, we went camping up near Lake Waskepetoo. It was a nice little getaway just me, Marty, his dog Dr. Teeth and the former cast of The OC. The long weekend was nice, but the best moment was when the car ran out of gas on the way home. He had to make it back for training camp, so he pulled us and the car, all the way back to Edmonton, from North Dakota. Such a nice guy, that Marty Reasoner.
Thinking back on it, he was pretty tired the next few months... wonder if that affected the first 20 games or so of his season.

Oh well!

What's your favourite Marty memory?

14 July 2008

I have a new blog...

And today there is a picture of MacT on it.

So I thought I'd give the Hot Oil readers a heads up:

Marry, Boff, Kill.

12 July 2008

Moustache ride, anyone?

I think I want to have Jason Strudwick's babies. From the 'stache to the terrible singing, he's working hard to replace Roli as my number one. Nice pickup, Lowe!

10 July 2008

Oilers acquire Jason Strudwick

Originally uploaded by Dustin Hall
And I'm too lazy to look for good pictures.


Better than average generic looking guy?

08 July 2008

Desperately Seeking Team

According to Mirtle's List - The 12th best point scoring forward is still up for grabs... 

And obviously I don't mean CFP.

Also, while I'm here and writing.. count me on the side of glad that the NHL has told Lowe and Burke to shut the hell up.  I wish it didn't have to get to that, but they are both being babies - and their name calling hasn't even been that funny. 

04 July 2008

Who's Your (Sugar) Daddy?

Even though the ownership deal is weeks old, the ladies of Hot Oil would be remiss if we did not take a few moments to comment on the relative hotness of our new Big Boss Man, Darryl Katz. Power and money can be sexy, right? And free over-the-counter medication? HOT. It's a good thing Mr. Katz has those things going for him because he's no Dwayne Roloson in the looks department, if you know what I mean.

That's not to say I would kick him out of bed if I had on some cough-syrup-goggles. May cause drowsiness? Rawr. Bring over a case of extra-strength Robitussin, Mr. Rexall, and let's see where the night takes us.

01 July 2008

Out vs. In

Out: Ginger Kids and Ogres

IN: Ugly people
EDIT! That's probably an unfair statement this early in the game. I just had a lot of problems coming up with a photo for Cole that didn't have a Stanley Cup in it, which made me sick to my stomach. And I can remember the hard-on people in Vancouver had for Brule a few years ago... now they have probably forgotten his name. Cough*bandwagon*cough.

Well if Marty doesn't come back, I have a new fave player...