Your favourite Marty memories

My favourite Marty memory was just before last season, we went camping up near Lake Waskepetoo. It was a nice little getaway just me, Marty, his dog Dr. Teeth and the former cast of The OC. The long weekend was nice, but the best moment was when the car ran out of gas on the way home. He had to make it back for training camp, so he pulled us and the car, all the way back to Edmonton, from North Dakota. Such a nice guy, that Marty Reasoner.
Thinking back on it, he was pretty tired the next few months... wonder if that affected the first 20 games or so of his season.

Oh well!

What's your favourite Marty memory?


Alana said…
Marty miked up. For sure.
uni said…
Marty was never given the chance to be successful. With his 12.5% shooting rate he guaranteed a goal every 8 shots! All MacT had to do was ensure he got 8 shots a game...what a waste of talent! =)
Black Dog said…
I'm with Alana.

I'll miss Marty.
Saurash said…
When Marty started one of those pre-lockout seasons on a tear, and was averaging more than a point/game 15-20 games into the season...I thought he was the future.

Too bad he got injured horribly.
Loxy said…
Hemsky... I remember that game.

Like 17 games in.

Against Toronto.
Anonymous said…
Good 'ol Marty. After those injuries, getting his ear shredded and then traded away and missing that magical 05-06 run, he comes back to us. Perhaps there'll be a reversal of fortune for him when he gets traded back at the trade deadline when the boys make a push for the playoffs in the spring.
Best to him always.

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