26 August 2008

Old News

Moreau in hit and run in Vancouver.

That's not cool.

But it is a reason to put up old Moreau pictures.

18 August 2008

Gone but not forgotten: Marty Reasoner

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I know, more Marty content.. I can't help it. The new season will start and I'll know something is just not right. It's cause Marty isn't there.

Anyways, I stumbled upon this (how come I didn't think of a Marty Slide show first?) at Staple's Cult of Hockey. And you know me... Anything I find Reasoner related, goes on this page.

Number one fan. 4eva.

15 August 2008

Another one off the market

Watch the video to see which Hot-Oil favourite has said his vows this summer. 

Where have all the wild and crazy young single Oilers gone?  Me want photos from the paps!  Will I have to start posting Hilary Duff-Mike Comrie rumours? 

13 August 2008

Here comes the bride

He's no longer an Oiler, but he once played one on TV.  Jarret Stoll has asked his lady friend of the last two plus years, Rachel Hunter, to be his wifey.  I remember back when their coupling was just new.  The Oilers were in the Stanley Cup Finals, I was in Edmonton in the will-call line behind her and she was tall. 

A lot has changed since that day - but she remains tall.

His trade to L.A. was probably all they needed to seal the deal, but watch out honey, three years from now she'll be vetoing trades to everywhere from Calgary to Minnesota.   I hope she's less of a Mrs. Chris Pronger than say, Mrs. Chris Pronger.  Truthfully, I kinda like her.  Older woman, younger dude... Not afraid to be curvy.. Not afraid to come to Edmonton after dating Stoll for only a few months... 

A toast, to their engagement, may his head be in it, long after it leaves hockey. 

(Glove tap to Leah)

07 August 2008

Who is this dude? NHLer? I doubt it.


Dear Hot-Oilers. A friend of mine (true story, I don't have time to date) was checking up on her POF profile and started checking on those who were checking on her. Kind of like reverse stalking or something.

Anyway, since I'm the hockey fanatic, she messaged me a profile asking if I know who this dude is.

He claims he's an NHLer, living in Vancouver.

The pictures show him wearing a Dallas Stars uniform.

I couldn't pick him out from Adam but figured you smart cookies would be able to figure out who he is.

If he's a former "star" we can probably make fun of his emo pics.

Oh, I suppose I should attach the link: