13 August 2008

Here comes the bride

He's no longer an Oiler, but he once played one on TV.  Jarret Stoll has asked his lady friend of the last two plus years, Rachel Hunter, to be his wifey.  I remember back when their coupling was just new.  The Oilers were in the Stanley Cup Finals, I was in Edmonton in the will-call line behind her and she was tall. 

A lot has changed since that day - but she remains tall.

His trade to L.A. was probably all they needed to seal the deal, but watch out honey, three years from now she'll be vetoing trades to everywhere from Calgary to Minnesota.   I hope she's less of a Mrs. Chris Pronger than say, Mrs. Chris Pronger.  Truthfully, I kinda like her.  Older woman, younger dude... Not afraid to be curvy.. Not afraid to come to Edmonton after dating Stoll for only a few months... 

A toast, to their engagement, may his head be in it, long after it leaves hockey. 

(Glove tap to Leah)


Garnet said...

Plus she was in that Fountains of Wayne video. Oh God, that's probably how Stoll got introduced to her.

Alana said...

His shoes are really terrible in that photo.

uni said...

12 years older and with 2 kids, good for him and her =).

Hope it lasts.

Anonymous said...

It cracks me up how in every picture she has a nice dress and matching shoes and a cute bag - and he looks like some schlub she dragged in off the street.