07 August 2008

Who is this dude? NHLer? I doubt it.


Dear Hot-Oilers. A friend of mine (true story, I don't have time to date) was checking up on her POF profile and started checking on those who were checking on her. Kind of like reverse stalking or something.

Anyway, since I'm the hockey fanatic, she messaged me a profile asking if I know who this dude is.

He claims he's an NHLer, living in Vancouver.

The pictures show him wearing a Dallas Stars uniform.

I couldn't pick him out from Adam but figured you smart cookies would be able to figure out who he is.

If he's a former "star" we can probably make fun of his emo pics.

Oh, I suppose I should attach the link:



Alana said...

If he did play in the NHL, I'm guessing he wore number 55. Prez, since you're the expert on all things 55, got any idea who this dude is?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that in the picture of him boxing, he spells Muhammad Ali's name wrong. Just a tip: if you are bragging about boxing with the greatest boxer of all time, you should probably spell his name correctly. Jackass.

On the other hand, this post is kind of creepy and inappropriate. I wouldn't be too happy having my private life exposed like this. Nor would any of you.

Alana said...

Yeah, maybe we should remove the link to his profile. Loxy?

Lord Bob said...


On the other hand, if you're the sort of person who pretends you're a former professional athlete to pick up chicks, you deserve all the humiliation you can get.

Lady_Byng said...

My god, what a pompus ass he is, so full of himself. I have no clue who that is, if he does in fact play in the NHL.
I think that if he is willingly to post a profile like that on POF, he's fair game for here too!

Loxy said...

If the other girls at hot oil have a problem with it, I encourage them to take it down...

But as for me, I have no problem with it. How is it different from taking pictures from someone's facebook or private stashes as has been done in the past? In fact, by posting yourself on POF, you're putting yourself publicly out there. I'm possibly sending more available women his way - which is the point of the post.

Maybe I'm just someone who puts a lot of her personal life on the internet, so I don't care about the thoughts of some douchebag loser who needs to get a clue, or at least a spell checker.

Though, I guess I am responding to someone who doesn't want their own identity revealed, anonymous - so I guess we stand on different sides of internet identities.

P.S. If the guy who owns the profile has any problems with it, I'll take it down immediately, but I still think he's a douchebag loser - to each their own.

Alana said...

Fair enough, Ms. L. I have no problem with it.

R-Gib said...

Haha that guy is hilarious! Frig.

Okay, I think this might be your guy:

Black Dog said...

Nope - 11 years difference in age.

uni said...

"I always maintain a classy image, and a lot of presence..."

That's the line that did it for me; the guy is completely oblivious. I half expected the next line to mention 'keeping it real'.

Bank Shot said...

He kind of looked legit to me with the smashed nose and all so I did a quick search.

He is for real. He's a goon that played half a season for Anaheim.


T. said...

So, being a pro hockey player is like being the president? You can ALWAYS call yourself a pro hockey player?

Anonymous said...

Garrett Burnett. He was in a serious bar fight in 2007, was in a coma for some time.

Duv12 said...

The picture you have posted IS really a NHL Hockey Player. Or he was anyways. He is retired now. His name is Garrett Burnett and he played the 2003-2004 season with the Anahiam Mighty Ducks. He also played in the AHL with the Kentucky Thoroblades and the Cincinnati Might Ducks As previously posted he was in an incident that put him in a coma on December 26 of 2006. AS for him being a Goon. He did what he was paid to do. He was paid to be an enforcer on the team and that is what he did. Why do people call that being a goon? AS for him being a pompus ass. Your so far from the truth it isn't possible. I personally have met this man as I am from Cincinnati. He is one of the nicest people you could met. And as I have met alot of hockey players most of them are asses and wouldn't give you the time of day. But Garrett goes out of his way to meet and talk to all his fans and he is great with the kids. He voluteers with alot of causes and he really is a great guy. If your friend is wondering if he is honest, straight forward and would be a person to get to know she can't go wrong here. He would make her a good friend and LUCKY her if it got serious.

As for if Garrett himself posted that profile or if someone took his photos off face book and posted them I couldn't tell you. Perhaps your friend could ask him questions that only the real Garrett would know.

And as for you Uni. He DOES always maintain a classy image and he himself presents a lot of presence (He is a big guy). Always well dressed and groomed and the personality to go with it. Don't judge without knowing.

Oh Yeah. As for spelling. So what if he made some spelling errors who doesn't. Geez.

juliab33 said...

hehe, i think its funny, even if he is a minor or major celebrity, it must get really frustrating telling people who you are and then they don't believe you lol. Must happen all the time, in phone calls and such like