26 November 2007

Hot Off: Marty vs. Macedonia

Marty skates at a 90 degree angle, but he's witty. Staios skates upright but has fewer points. Whose style strikes your fancy?

Holy hell. Staios Wins.

19 November 2007

It's about time for another face-off!

Dustin Penner - overweight and overpaid when he showed up to training camp. But there is a longing in those eyes, a brightness that shouts "hey guys, I already won a stanley cup, it's all downhill from here". And we long for better days.

Ethan Moreau - a man cursed with a beautiful face and a brittle body. He plays so hard, when he actually gets to play. Will this be another season where his grinding stride doesn't hit the ice? Maybe it's meant to be. He looks better in a suit.

Voting over. Moreau never tires of winning.

18 November 2007

An Ode to the Brode

A loser in the hot-off, but a winner in our hearts. Join the movement.

10 November 2007

Quarter Finals!

Slowly but surely, we're making our way toward the championship battle in the 2007 Hot-Off. As we close in on the Finals, the competition is getting more and more fierce. And by fierce, I mean like Tyra Banks, not like Tatiana the tiger.

In round 1 of the quarter-finals, we have Hemsky versus Brodziak. Which is sexier: neck-scars, or black eyes? VOTE NOW.

He might be a favorite of the ladies at Hot-Oil, but he's not your favorite. The Rod has been defeated.

Hemsky wins.

06 November 2007

It's official, the Oilers suck. Vote anyways.

You get the drill.


03 November 2007

Dining in Style

My lovely friend (and fellow fan club executive member), Don E. Coyote, gave me this delightful lunch bag for my birthday.

It came with a small cardboard jersey and stickers to personalize the bag. The idea might have been to put one's own name here. No matter.

02 November 2007

Small town Alberta versus Small town Saskatchewan

This one will be close. The squee factor is high. Dreamy dimples or shiny hair? I don't care who wins this one. I'm just happy Ulanov made it into the second round, thanks to a win by default. Also, assists are sexy.