30 September 2008

Some things I stumbled upon

And this: Hockey players that look like celebrities (or vice versa)

29 September 2008

DAY 3: Maybe the first battle where one person doesn't take all the votes?

I'm sure you have no idea who these four guys are... I sure as hell had to do research to ensure the pictures matched the names and the names matched the Oilers prospects.

Top Left: Carl Corrazini
He had a blog for the Grand Rapids Griffins. He misses being away from his wife. That's where I stopped reading it.

Top Right: Chris Vande Velde
There was an interview with him on HF. Nothing interesting in there.

Bottom Left: Cody Wild
Not only is the photoshop job to black out the background a little cheesy, but so is the fact that he kinda looks like Dustin Diamond. Sorry kid.

Bottom Right: Colin McDonald
I really have a jonesing for an Arch Deluxe. I know McDonalds hasn't made them in like ten years, but that peppered round piece of bacon? Mmm...

Vande Velde takes it!

27 September 2008

How do you feel about Bryans?

Welcome to day 2 of the 2008 Hot-Off! Today's battle pits three relatively unknown Bryans against one Mr. Andrew Cogliano. For your consideration:

Le Cogs

Bryan #1 (Lerg)

Bryan #2 (Pitton)

Bryan #3 (Young)


You're fit but don't you just know it.

So the Oilers have released their hotness fitness testing results from training camp.  And of the 50 or so guys there... the man above is your winner.  Who is he?  Other then some guy who was seemingly at the Capital Ex (Klondike Days? Whaaa?)... 

It's Edmonton born Tyler Spurgeon (or I hope it is).  Stamina is a bit of a turn on, right? In his acceptance speech, he even gives a shout out to two favourites here at the HO: 

“I was training out at Athlete’s Nation,” Spurgeon explains. “Fernando was there and Kyle Brodziak. We just did a lot of Olympic lifts and also just getting that conditioning up so that you’re ready to go with lots of power, lots of speed.”

Rounding out the top 5:   Bryan Young, Jake Taylor, Ladislav Smid, and Guillaume Lefebvre. 

(Bold indicates a player who actually matters.)

26 September 2008

Here we go: HOT OFF 3.0!

Following in the footsteps of Ethan Moreau and Ales Hemsky, we search for the next Hot Oiler. This year, many of the prospects are in the running, just so that you have an eye on what is in the system.

Of note, I didn't put Igor Ulanov or Marty Reasoner in the competition because not only does it make it unfair, but I am announcing their placement in the Hot Oil Hall of Fame. They join the "Hottest Oiler of All-Time" (and current coach) Craig "The Silver Fox" MacT with their best team picture in the rafters.

Now, onto the how to...

As you saw, I posted the format. In the first round, we'll be cutting a quarter of the players... going from 48 to a sweet sixteen. In this first round, you'll vote in the side bar (hopefully every day). But your comments still count. In the case of a tie, the winner will be decided by who gets the most (and hilariousest) comments.

So, here we go...


24 September 2008

23 September 2008


Tragedy strikes Markkanen family

That's rough.


Jussi was one of my faves. I hope his family makes it through this tough tough time.

15 September 2008

Hot Oil is NOT dead. I repeat Hot Oil is NOT dead.

I think this shirt (worn by none other than Oiler defenceman Sheldon Souray) is pretty perfect considering how little content we've written the past few months.  We just haven't given any love to the Oil. 

Don't you worry.  

The hot-off is being prepared.  

And this year, it's gonna be huge. 

(And if it's immediate content you want, my other blogs, here and here, offer more regular musings. Cross-promotion, ya!)