You're fit but don't you just know it.

So the Oilers have released their hotness fitness testing results from training camp.  And of the 50 or so guys there... the man above is your winner.  Who is he?  Other then some guy who was seemingly at the Capital Ex (Klondike Days? Whaaa?)... 

It's Edmonton born Tyler Spurgeon (or I hope it is).  Stamina is a bit of a turn on, right? In his acceptance speech, he even gives a shout out to two favourites here at the HO: 

“I was training out at Athlete’s Nation,” Spurgeon explains. “Fernando was there and Kyle Brodziak. We just did a lot of Olympic lifts and also just getting that conditioning up so that you’re ready to go with lots of power, lots of speed.”

Rounding out the top 5:   Bryan Young, Jake Taylor, Ladislav Smid, and Guillaume Lefebvre. 

(Bold indicates a player who actually matters.)


Marsha said…
Spurgeon the fittest? That's a bit surprising.

Smid is hot and fit. I like a man with stamina!!
Scott Reynolds said…
Did Shawn Horcoff just not really try? Every one talks about how he's the fittest guy in the league, and now he's not even as fit as Jake Taylor?

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