22 March 2009

Who are your favourite three current Oilers?

I was thinking about this when Marty was recently in town... who is left for me to cheer for? Reasoner is long gone and not coming back. I had a soft spot for the Thoresens, the Hejdas...

Who are my top three now?

1. I <3 Lubo
2. Patty O'Sullivan (Number 19 lives on)
3. Pantsani

Now, I realize these pics go against my usual form of "underdogs" so I'll add honourable mentions to Liam "The Lion" Reddox and Laddy Smid.

Hell, just make it a top 5!

How about you? Even though this is Hot Oil, I'm not talking looks. Vote in the comments!


Anonymous said...

1-gagner, he's on FIRE right now.
2-Cogliano, always skates hard and never gives up
3-ROLI THE GOALIE, how can he not be?

B.C.B. said...

1- I am with Loxy on this: Lubo
2- As I love the underdog and a good fight: Zorg
3- Smid, don't know why, but not much value in knowing
4- Roli: "'Cause I was thinkin', it really don't matter if I lose this fight. It really don't matter if this guy opens my head, either. 'Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood. "- Rocky
5- Gagner: young, talented, the future

Anonymous said...

1) Gagner (What's not to like? Future team captain.)

2) Sheldon Souray (Our true leader. He plays to win every game. He has that Messier "fire" face.

3) Dwayne Roloson (He has been a pro during his time here. He rarely takes a night off. He's the Oilers MVP)

Honorable Mentions:
4) Steve MacIntyre (I love his story. He's livin' the dream.)

5) Ladislav Smid (He nasty side this year has been great. He is transforming into quite a solid dman. He has surpised me.)

Andrew Cogliano (He is starting to remind me of Stoll. But not the faceoff part. Give him time and he will be pretty good for the Oil in the future.)

Anonymous said...

1. sam gagner. hot on and off the ice.

2. patty o' sullivan.

3. strudwick. love him, and he reminds me of matty greene.

4. andrew cogliano.

5.laddy smid. he will one day be great, plus his accent is just hot!

Shawn said...

1) Horcoff... he's from where I live now, he busts his ass to improve himself, he's well spoken, good at both ends of the ice.

2) Hemsky... boring pick I guess but what's not to like?

3) Pisani... playoff hero who you can count on to deliver a solid performance game in and game out

4) Smid... liked him the first game I saw him and believe he can be a great player. Everyone seems to have accepted that he's middle of the road, but I truly believe he had greatness in him.

5) Souray... slapshots are cool and you know it. Hits, fights for his team, has played underrated D since coming to Edmonton. Lived up to his contract.

Anonymous said...

1) Gags- finally playing to his potential, the future of the Oilers
2) Souray- hell of a slap shot, great work ethic and a great team member
3) Moreau- plays with such grit and determinance

Hell I like almost all of them

Anonymous said...

This year it's changed a bit:

1 - Laddy Smid: he's got grit now....who would've guessed?
2 - Horcoff: skates hard every night (at both ends of the rink)
3 - Fernando - heart + soul + kicked ulcerative colitis' ass!

Becca Jane said...

Top five oilers right now...

Alright, here it goes:
1. Ladislav Smid - Has always been my #1 favourite since I first watched him play. Plus he looks great in an elf hat at Christmas.

2. Lubomir Visnovsky - If this guy smiled any more than he already does I think his face might break. Solid defensively, despite his reputation coming into the city: if I had to pick one of our D-men to defend a 1 on 1 or a 2 on 1 he'd be my choice.

3. Ales Hemsky - I know, typical Oilers fan right? I just enjoy watching him play, what with all his incredible talent and all... Oh, and I also find him quite attractive, thought I don't know why... It may be the scars.

4. Patrick O'Sullivan - How can any one who has heard this kid's story not have him on their list? When he smiles he smiles with his whole face, and I like that; plus his skill is incredible. He will be a great guy to have on the team moving forward.

5. Sam Gagner - I don't know when he became one of my favourites, but I'm always pulling for him to succeed. It may have something to do with his being around my age that I want him to do well; I cheer louder for his goals than most other Oilers' goals.

Well, until Laddi Smid scores his first in like forever.

Anonymous said...

1. Steve Staios - True heart and soul player. And I love a man who'll block a shot with his face.

2. Ladislav Smid - I love his style of play and he's such a nice guy. I got a hug from him at last year's autograph session! I'm hoping he can get a goal before the season is over!

3. Robert Nilsson - So happy that he's found his game again. I hope he can keep it up.

After my top 3, Ethan/Shawn/Ales are pretty much equal to me.

R-Gib said...

1. Horcoff - love this guy. One of the best two-way players in the league IMHO.
2. Smid - Good effort, great attitude, hits, fights, is starting to pinch at the right times... gotta love Laddy.
3. Gagner - This kid is something special... sometimes I forget that he's still a teenager! Looks to be developing into a solid 2way player with a big offensive upside.

Marsha said...

1. Souray - wicked slapshot, will pop the enemy in the head for touching Roli and he's the leader of this team. He gives a great interview!!

2. Grebeshkov - aside from my absolute love of all things Russian, Grebs has skillz! I love his spin-arama at the blue line, has really developed into a helleva defenseman! Great mobility!

3. Hemsky - pleae, do I need to explain this one? He's a dipsy doodling dandy!!

4. Smid - tough, great puck movement, has finally taken that step (too bad he's stuck with Strudwick or Staios as partners) and will be a top 4 d-man soon! Plus he's very funny, gives a great interview!!

5. Visnovsky - love my Euros, great defenseman, we miss him!!!

Honorable mentions to Gags and Cogs. Love the kids!!!

Lady_Byng said...

I've thought it about, and I love most of the boys; a lot of them equally; its so hard to pick just a top five! Some reasons as to why I pick "favorites" or why I get that players jersey is not entirely based on how they play the game (although that helps their cause for sure), sometimes its their post game interviews and other dressing room videos that shows off a bit of their personality/character as a person, not just as a hockey player that make me love them even more. My jersey collection is no help tho as I have 5 current Oilers' jerseys and 3 pending with 1 more in mind.
So I suppose I could pick a top 9 based on my jerseys?

Anyways, my clear-cut number one "fav" is Sheldon Souray, I've liked him ever since he played in Montreal and have loved him since he signed with the Oilers. Not only is he gorgeous, he plays the game with passion and hates to lose. His slap shot from the point is good for 21 goals already this season, so how can you argue with that?

For 2 thru 5 (and even 6 thru 9) its hard to say exactly where I would rank the rest of my "favorites" cuz the rankings change on a game-to-game basis really.
For purposes of this poll I will go with the players I have jerseys for. With Sheldon already mentioned as being number 1, 2 thru 5 (in no particular order) are:
Bobby (Nilsson)
and Hemsky.

And if anyone cares to know, my 3 pending jerseys (I have the jerseys, they are just waiting to be crested when I save up the money) are Lubo, Staios and Cogs; the other one I have in mind is Patty (O'Sullivan).


Jeanshorts And Baggedmilk said...

Am I still allowed to vote even though I'm not wanting to ravage their man parts?

Oh we're talking performance... uhhh... Shit.


Konsty said...

Hello Loxy!

Talking about favourite players, what you'll say about this Marty Reasoner montage? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo742SD4xUc