Laddy Smid: What's to like?

I was surprised to see that Ladislav Smid is a popular guy, even just among the dozen replies I got to my question. He was on more lists than anyone else, getting more points (based on my 5,4,3,2,1 system) than anyone else and averaging a placement of 3rd on everyone's lists.

What is it about Smid that we like?

His three goals ever in the NHL?
The fact that he's been thrown in as a winger this season?
His original nickname?

You tell me!

P.S. The rest of the voted top five would be Gagner, Horcoff, Lubo, and O'Sullivan.


Anonymous said…
Laddy is just a class act on the ice, does some things where you're like "Wow that was Awesome, I Looooooove Laddy!"
Most of all he rarely screws up, unlike the majority of our defence, and still has more of a spark to his game than Staios and Strud.
So maybe he is a favourite by default?
Becca Jane said…
Laddy Smid was actually my first ever favourite player. I think I really pulled for him in his first year: coming into Edmonton as part of the Pronger trade with all of the expectations that came along with that; and he was a gem for us that season.

I think he's a character guy. When he smiles I smile, it's as simple as that, and it looks like he's a popular guy on the team as well.

Plus he's cute as hell.

And he's Czech, and I personally have a thing for the Czech boys; and indeed the country as a whole - I cheer for them when Canada isn't playing.

I have a lot of reasons for loving Laddy. In fact I could probably come up with more if needed.
Anonymous said…
Aww, I like Laddy. very personable.

The Oilers? Not liking them much right now.

Let the countdown to the MacT firing/resigning begin.
R-Gib said…
Yes agreed, Laddy IS very personable. He's like the lovable underdog that we're drawn to.
This year he has been the one guy (other than maybe Souray) who will always jump in to defend his teammate. He has also shown the occasional flash of brilliance - usually when jumping into the rush, ala last night - that gets me really excited for his future here.
Marsha said…
I like his feistiness on the ice. He's always willing to smack the opposition around if needed. Plus he seems like a genuinely nice fella, a great interview and a wicked sense of humor.
Lady_Byng said…
For a great video of Laddy's sense of humor, make sure to watch the "How well do you know Tom Gilbert?" vid on the Oilers website. It was done in Feb sometime, so maybe you all have watched it already, but if not, get on it! Its freakin hilarious. I've watched it at least 5 times now and I still laugh at it.
There's another vid that Laddy is great in too, Lubo's in it as well, from Dec I think, it was off-day comments. So cute those two are together lol.
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d said…
Ooo! Laddy and Lubo. A must watch combo for sure!
Anonymous said…
Ya Laddy and Lubo, we can watch them in the press box, since there both injured now.
kcogs said…
NOOOO, LADDY CAN'T BE INJURED!, he needs to score this season! : (.
d said…
We're doomed. :(
Becca Jane said…
These are indeed grave times :(
Anonymous said…
Edmonton Oilers prospect Linus Omark show off his awesome skills in a friendly international
icehockey game between Sweden and Switzerland tonight (March 31st)
Omark's goal in the shootout was also the GWG.

Brilliant, brilliant goal. The puck didn't even hit the net nor the goalie.
Check it out below.
d said…
MacT's hotness just went down 10 points.

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