An Oilfan in Vancouver

Dear friends,

Last night's win made me SO incredibly happy. I can't even explain it in words.

So instead, I'll leave you with the video I made earlier in the day where at one point I'm wearing three pieces of Oilers gear. People who visit my personal site and facebook have already been inundated with it, but why not show the rest of the world what a dork I am. (It's a lipsync of a Flight of the Conchords song for a contesty thing.)

And remember, if you haven't voted an Oiler off the island. Do so below!



Unknown said…
I am sharing your joy. Oh yes. It's sweet.

I also have to deal with living in Vancouver as an Oil fan. I tend bar and we show Canuck games and I absolutely despise working gamenights versus the Oilers. They ususally end with me taking mamy "smoke breaks" to kick some empty kegs and escape the mindless drones staring slack jawed at the TVs and proclaiming their man-crushes for Alexander Burrows(seriously....who likes that ass-hat?). You can understand how good it felt to stick it to those chumps. And to top it off, my coworker even had to drink a shot of spicy bean juice after losing a bet with me.

If only it could always be that way. I really have a hate-on for the canucks now...big time.

P.S. you do a sweet Rhymenoceros.
Anonymous said…
I'm the HipHopapotomous, my lyrics are bottomless..............

Showerhead said…
Lol just like Anonymous, the "my lyrics are bottemless" line gets me every time. As for your version, I thought the "who's the motherflippin'" was hilarious. Now do Jenny!

PS - If you ever get a chance to see them, take it. I caught their Sasquatch show last summer and their ad lib alone was worth the price of admission.

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