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Some reasons to vo-et!
For Lubo:

Oh Lu Visnovsky, you are the love of my life!
Oh Lu Visnovsky, I'd let you shag my wife!
Oh Lu Visnovsky, I wish I were as hairy as yooooou!

He plays hockey the way 7 year olds play, puck pursuit all the way. It's fun.
...bringing care packages to his old teammates is just an ever so thoughtful thing to do. He'd definitely call you after, anyway.. :)
For Shelly:

....because I know that's who my mom would vote for.

Sheldon Souray is mantastic. I want to vote for him. There is not competition as far as I'm concerned.

The Edmonton Oilers are kicking Loxy out of the press box for exceeding the shirtless-Souray quotient.


Marie said…
What a tough decision. Do I go with the good ol' boy with the ridiculously adorable looks or the hot stuff?
Lowetide said…
Lubo for the win.
Lowetide said…
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Anonymous said…
how the hell is souray losing? i know lubo is adorable...but it's souray :o
Naomi said…
Anonymous said…
Sheldon Souray
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Shelly for the win
Lord Bob said…
Glad to see my adapted soccer chant made the cut. :P

In the neverending battle between the used car salesman and the man who is actually hot, there can be only one winter.

Plus, if you got in the sack with him, you just know Souray would dislocate his torso and be out nine weeks.
Anonymous said…
Loxy said…
Hey people, your votes here mean nothing!

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