This makes me feel as though I'm trapped in some kind of warped comedy special.


Shelly said…
OMG....OMG..I'm cursed. I will never see him play live. Am I dreaming, having some terrible nightmare?
They always used to bring the "B" team to Phx, which never included him, and then once he had some dr's appt, and then he was injured (first shoulder then leg), and now three weeks before the big game of seeing him live FOR THE FIRST TIME in THREE YEARS, and it happened again.

I'm horrified on so many levels.

I can't even begin to think what he must feel like.
Marsha said…
Put away the's broken again!!!
Lady_Byng said…
shelly, you are cursed. Sorry for your luck. :(

Oh our poor Ethan. Same leg, wtf?
His video is sad, esp. the 2nd Staios segment, I cried a little.
Aminah said…
What!?! No Happy Birthday Marty post?
Anonymous said…
I believe we should all take a moment out of our busy lives to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Marty. Here's to you! Glad you didn't get traded today
Lord Bob said…
Why don't we combine the best of both hotness worlds and surgically augment Ethan Moreau with Marty Reasoner's legs?

God, why am I saying that the slow skater with chronic knee problems would represent a significant upgrade for our captain?

God, why am I right?
Aminah said…
This almost sounds like a Photoshop challenge. Create a Super-Oiler from equal parts of lesser Oiler... then sign him to a multi-year contract and thus bring the cup home to Edmonton. HUZZAH!
Anonymous said…
Is Miss Loxam okay? Her blog disapparated.

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