Welcome to left field.

Au revoir, Mathieu Garon. I'm still not sure that this isn't a hallucination resulting from my hangover. Saturdays aren't just for cartoons anymore, Oilers fans.


Anonymous said…
I know that Garon wasn't playing that well but I still liked him and am sad that he's gone. And I love how the Oilers just tried to brush by the fact that he was traded. Oilers acquire Sabourin and Stone. p.s. Garon is gone.
Garnet said…
Well, ladies, all that's left to do is assess the new talent. Anyone? He was involved in a public-nudity incident a while back, if that makes a difference:

Anonymous said…
Poor Garon. I liked him and hope he does well.

I want JDD in net now. Might as well, the way the Oil are "playing".

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