08 August 2006

a haiku

wee raffi torres
you make all the girls melty
when you hit so hard


Earl Sleek said...

wee raffi torres
watch out at Arrowhead Pond
oops, Honda Center

"Steve Smith" said...

Bah - not a haiku.

Anonymous said...

Someone in the Oilogosphere called Raffi "a guy who looks like he should be in an internet video with the word "Plows" in it".

I can't remember who it was that said it, but it was gold. Probably one of the CinO types.

Anonymous said...

wee raffi torres
our night together was fun
it burns when i pee

Jordi said...

You beat me in writing a sonnet for Samsonov.

Hold me now Raffi
The restraining order will
only start next week

Loxy said...

And if I cry out
You push it push it some more
Raffi, that's not sweat

Alana said...

"it burns when i pee"

This made me laugh and laugh.

Black Dog said...

Fuck - this is one funny blog!