The Hot-Oil Oilogosphere Hot-Off

Now seeking submissions for photographs of the following bloggers:

From Covered in Oil:
Mike W
Pleasure Motors

From Battle of Alberta:
Andy Grabia
Matt (though he's not really Oily, and will probably falter in the first round because of it)

From Irreverant Oil Fans:
Vic Ferrari

From Always on the Road:

From their own respective sites:
Black Dog Hates Skunks
Colby Cosh

That makes for a perfect sweet sixteen, but let me know if you think I'm missing someone! I wouldn't dare prevent anyone from participating in the competition.


Anonymous said…
I believe that's "Chris!"

Just saying, is all...
andy grabia said…
Will you be able to photoshop out my extra chins?
Anonymous said…
How many are we talkin'?
Jordi said…
AHAHAHAHA! Oh lord. This is pretty genius. Though I do feel dirty letting people know who I vote for - especially when the names aren't in Russian. How about anonymous voting?
Anonymous said…
andy grabia said…
How about anonymous voting?

I agree. I'd feel bad humiliating everyone in public like that. Using an actual poll program for each round would let it all be anonymous.
mike w said…
My worst nightmare.
Graham said…
I could see MC79 or Lowetide taking this. Perhaps Grabia as the Ethan Moreau type candidate.
Anonymous said…
What's amazing to me is how many of these people actually already have pictures I've seen on the web. The only ones I think are missing are Dennis, LT and Pat.

The best know picture of Vic is here.
Anonymous said…

You really need to find that drawing of Cosh that the Post used. It might add a (desperately needed) touch of class to these proceedings.
Anonymous said…
I think I'll start the showdown on the 1st. That gives me ample time to find the necessary pictures and make the pre-rankings.

With the Oilers, it was an easy jersey number ranking system. I have a feeling we might just do regional brackets.
Anonymous said…
American Hockey Bloggers Union 4027 requests an equal opportunity wild card candidate from the states! \('.')/

(That and you have an uneven seventeen. :D )
Anonymous said…
... did I say 'uneven seventeen'? I meant to say 'eye am sofa king we todd ed" and accidentally counted the words under Matt's name as another participant.

I blame the egg nog still affecting me from yesterday. Yes.
Anonymous said…
I call bullshit on Michael being a hockey blogger. I'm sure someone would have told me if Columbus had an NHL team.
Anonymous said…
I come from a world you may not understand, MC. A whole other alternate dimension, where a quantum space-time continuum change in the riboflavum vortex changed the U.S.'s history, and suddenly hockey was the sport of the nation. Where cities like Columbus, Nashville, Alberquerque, and even New Orleans have hockey teams!

... and if you don't believe that? Uh ... well, I'm all out of fantastical stories, then.
Anonymous said…
As for the "supposed" US hockey blogger, we can add him in somewhere, but it probably means taking out the oft-overseas Sacamano, or the flames fan Matt.

Prove your worthiness Michael. Who is the hottest Oiler, and why?

In other news, I partied with RiversQ last night, and got some completely unflattering pics of him.

Mission Accomplished!
Anonymous said…
Why, it's Petr Sykora, of course! Not only is having a Stanley Cup ring the total epitomy of sexiness ...

... but looking like a relative of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters also helps (can't believe I actually made that entry last Friday, too)!

You know it's true. Sykora moonlights as Grohl, living the double life that every hockey player dreams of: the life of an alt. rocker!
Anonymous said…
As I have largely been deceased for the holiday season (and my camera is broken), I shall forgive you for my disgraceful exclusion from this list.

Is that a word? Exclusion? IT IS NOW.
Anonymous said…
actually Tyler I'm in a pic or two from last year's SCF game 6 at Pauper's

hammered yelling guy

I'll send one along in the next day or two Loxy
Shawn said…
Wow I totally missed this, but clearly am not worthy of the grand competition.

We all know lowetide is gonna win this thing going away.

But if a spot opened up I'm game!
Anonymous said…
I hope to launch it tomorrow or the next day.

I've increased the numbers to 24, so if anyone can think of additional bloggers, speak now.

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