Day 1: Intro to the Oilogosphere Hot-Off

Andy Grabia: A man who catapulted to fame on Battle of Alberta after the departure of Sacamano. He continually puts the ass in class. Voting for him is like hanging out with your creepy uncle. You want to do it, but you don't want anyone to catch you in the act.

Anonymous Poster: This man scours the internet looking for fights to start and spelling mistakes to be made. He uses the veil of anonymity to make a mockery of comment sections web-wide. He could be super hot; he could just be Andy Grabia.

AsiaOil: This could be a girl for all I know. But I needed a few more Oilogospherians for the hot-off. Don't vote for this person just cause you think they might be a girl. They wouldn't vote for you.

Voting ends when Alana posts Day 2 on January 4th. Good luck to all!

Final Results:

Andy Grabia: 76 Votes (66.1%)

The Anonymous Poster: 30 Votes (26.1%)

AsiaOil: 9 Votes (7.8%)


Alana said…
I think I prefer mike w's doodle of the anonymous poster.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, the one I posted isn't anonymous anyways.. it's the blogger pic for my real-life boyfriend.

(Don't tell Marty)

Andy is going to run away with this one, so I'm not particularly concerned.
allan said…
Voting for him is like hanging out with your creepy uncle.

He's always turned me on, but I could never put my finger on why. Thanks, Loxy!
andy grabia said…
He could be super hot; he could just be Andy Grabia.

Ouch. True, but ouch.

My ego hopes you insult everyone evenly.
Anonymous said…
Andy's a sexy beast. He has my vote.
Anonymous said…
we got peter nedved
Sean Zandberg said…
Anonymous looks like a New Kid on the Block, and the Asia Oil is clearly a woman and is disqualified. So I pick Grabs.
By the way, smoking is cool, no matter what they tell you on TV.
She said…
He continually puts the ass in class.

Brilliant. That line alone got my vote.
Anonymous said…
Always vote for the guy with an actual picture.

Hey, does Nedved's ex have a blog? I don't care if she dragged Petr out of Edmonton or not, she's hot. If Chris Pronger looked that good I'd be a Ducks fan.
Anonymous said…
You're pulling anonymouses and unknowns when our In The Box has an honest-to-goodness rock star type in TB Player?

Hm. Snub noted.
Anonymous said…
Andy up against Anonymous Guy and a probable female?

Methinks this thing been rigged to ensure Andy's advancement (not that he needs it).
Anonymous said…
Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that guys would vote for probable female to reaffirm their sexuality? But the results seem to say otherwise.

I voted for anonymouse. Because grammatical errors are sexy.
Anonymous said…
Oiler fans are secure in their sexuality. A straight male Oilfan can evaluate the attractiveness of a man because he knows he's straight and is comfortable with that.

I assure you, if this were a Calgary blog hotoff, this thing would have already degenerated into an "omg boobies!!!!!!" marathon.
Anonymous said…
I should have added "In The Box", but like "AsiaOil", I didn't know who were girls and who were guys. Also, many people got added after my first list of possible members was released. Some people were pro-active enough to whine their way onto the list. So there.
Anonymous said…
Some people were pro-active enough to whine their way onto the list. So there.

Insert triumphant, cocky dance here.
Anonymous said…
I resember that whining remark.

Andy at least has a sexy jacket I'll say that
Anonymous said…
Resemble... Resember? good lord.

Andy is running away with this.
Anonymous said…
While Jordi raises a valid point, I find that guys tend not to vote for mystery likely females. And it's hard getting excited about someone whose gender you don't know and could be the second coming of Gilbert Grape's mother. (no offence intended to AsiaOil who I'm sure is a very attractive human being...)

Secondly from what little I've gleaned this Oiligosphere thing seems largely and strangely populated by adults. Most boards on the infoweb are populated by the 14 year old sages...and thus they quickly degenerate into OMG BOOBIES! Are you a girl? Are you hot? Will you go out with me?

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