26 April 2007

Is it in you? IS IT?

And by "it," I mean "sports hernias," "Sebastien Bisaillon," and "frighteningly bad hockey." This little gem was found at a local convenience store, probably left over from last year's run. Awesome as an Oilers-branded Gatorade is, the unfortunate choice of player to showcase on the label makes it even awesomer:

Oh Smytty. When I think "greasy mullet," or "toothless grin," my next thought is not usually "refeshing beverage." Not that orange liquid sugar is refreshing. I have no idea where I'm going with this, except to say OILERS GATORADE! WITH RYAN SMYTH! CHECK IT OUT!


Miss. Scarlett said...

All 6 Canadian teams are available as Gatorade flavours!

I only drink the orange gatorade myself. Unfortunately the Senators Gatorade is the "X-Factor" flavour which is just hideous. Things you drink should really not be neon green.

Black Dog said...

When I think "greasy mullet" and "toothless grin" I think about my family myself.

Anonymous said...

In case you were wondering:


LittleFury said...

Is it in you? IS IT?

"IT" was until "IT" got traded for two bottles of dollar store X-TREME NRG drink.

Alana said...

hee! Good one, littlefury.