05 April 2008

Mr. Glass Sighting!

I just received this email from reader Terrie:

"I just ran into Ethan at the Billiard's club and asked him if he got his Hot-Off care package. He said that he was proud that he won the first Hot-Off and asked if the ladies from Hot Oil where at the bar. I unfortunately had to say no. I am a longtime reader so I hope this info will be of interest. I also bugged him for a picture as evidence. (I feel bad as he seemed kinda annoyed that I bugged him a second time to get the picture.) The pic was on a friend's camera so it is pending."

Rad! Thanks, Terrie!


Lord Bob said...

How is Captain Sexy's Hot-Off win not in his Wikipedia entry yet?

andy grabia said...

Fantastic work, ladies!

Lulu said...

LOL that's so awesome. i want to see pictureeeeeeeees.

Anonymous said...

i wanna see the pics too. there should be another hot off soon

"Steve Smith" said...

Gee, Lord Bob, maybe it would be there if you'd made more than two edits this entire calendar year.


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Anonymous said...


haha just kidding. its because of rising prices that im bussing more =(