Goodbye Silver Fox

I like Craig MacTavish. I think he's a good coach who will find work elsewhere. I think his time here was done but there were some really fine moments. I wish him all the best elsewhere. It is, on some level, unfortunate that the Oilers will no longer have the hottest coach. But I digress...

I watched Tambellini's presser today and was pleased by a lot of the things he said. Sure, he's all practiced up and knows the right thing to say but what stuck with me is the fact that he did not absolve the players of their craptastic play this season. Regardless of the holes I know this team had, regardless of the coach that may have lost the room, this team underachieved.

Subpar Oilers teams have made the playoffs before, clawing their way in like the St.Louis Blues did, only to lose in the first round. (Which I anticipate will happen for them too.)

Those are the Oilers teams I miss. The ones that may have lacked skill but worked like dogs.. or like the underdogs they were.

I'm hopeful more changes are made. I'm hopeful this is the end of hiring the old boys club. I'm hopeful this team can move in the right direction.

I'm hopeful.

...and I'll miss MacT.

(my other blog has thoughts on jumping on the Canucks bandwagon)


iHeartMacT said…
I'm very sad we're losing both the Oilers Historical Hot-Off winner, AND the hottest coach in the history of the NHL.

Best wishes, Silver Fox. You deserve way better than this Oilers' dysfunctional organization.
Lord Bob said…
Oh, Loxy, you were this close to going all Morgan Freeman on us at the end there.

"I hope we can make it through the offseason. I hope to meet our new coach and shake his hand. I hope the playoffs are as long as they've been in my dreams. I hope..."
D. said…
MacT was definitely the Silver Fox of all Silver Foxes. He will do very well somewhere else. It was just time to go. Thanks for the 2006 run, MacT. Good times, good times.
c33 said…
I just hope that he ends up coaching somewhere with cheap flights from WestJet....sigh....
Anonymous said…
Nicely put Loxy, these are my sentiments as well.
Wish all the best to MacT always. I will miss him, too.
Anonymous said…
alas, it appears as though our gm is turning the oilers into canucks west. which is especially unfortunate since the canucks have done nothing. ever. like really...ever.

why again did he have to shun rolie's request for two years and then get that douche khabibulin for four? ugh, this is going to be a horrible next few years.


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