Happy Halloilerween!

Without fail the Oilers come up with something hilarious every Halloween.. remember when Horc went as Gene Principe a few years back?

This year is equally as good.

By the way, I <3 Smid, even if he has Hamthrax.


Garnet said…
Stortini as Chewbacca's pretty redundant.
Anonymous said…
I love seeing stuff like this, get a glimpse of their fun, silly side.

Get better boys, the hockey at the beginning of the season was fun to watch.
PennerRrwwr :-)
Anonymous said…
Ovi is in town!! Remember gals, he may be checking you out through his tinted visor...

All I want for Christmas is for:
-Cogliano to get a bunch of points because he's trying real hard out there
-Horcoff too
-Hemsky to heal well. Feel bad he's missing the Olympics, poor guy
-Penner to pot 50+ goals... before March :-). Oh, and a nice bear hug from him *SIGH*
-Pisani to get well
-Brule to stay with Penner and Gags
-O'Sullivan to find his best game. And soon.
-Gagner to take it to the next level, that would be exciting
-Stortini to get 10 more goals
-Jacques to keep running over the opposition, that's fun to watch
-Stone to keep doing what he's doing, what a nice surprise he's been.
-Vishnovsky to keep being his wonderful self, so fun to watch
-Souray to visit my dreams more often -edit- I mean, to get more chances to release his sweet missile *blush*
-Grebeshkov to wake up
-Gilbert to figure out why his game has dipped and right soon.
-Smid to keep improving. And be a good luck charm and win me the Secret Santa contest :-)
-JDD to keep showing us what you've got, deserves this opportunity, take advantage of it
-Khabibulin back to be healthy
-Nilsson to really get it this time. If he turns one more corner, he'll be back to where he started.
Happy Holidays everyone!
JB said…
I wanted to share this video for all of us Oiler fans who still love Marty. Enjoy!


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