See you later

In the decade between posts on this blog, I would end up being a mainstay on the nazi-sympathizer platform known as Twitter. During the ups and downs, I did things like acronymized all the player names. I put Oilers in a Hunger Games-style scenario to see who would be victorious. Maybe Benoit Pouliot won? Also, I took famous quotes and Oilersified them. Anyways, the thing that maybe I became best known for was Oilers haikus.

For instance: 

It's not an oil drop
But rather a single tear
I shed for Leon


Summer is now here
The Oilers are out again
Enjoy the weather

Okay, some are better than others. But the second one is probably closer to where I land at this point. We've had some glorious early summer weather this week in the Yukon, so I'm happy to be out getting seeds in the ground instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Oilers season. Sorry!

I know there are a lot of people who thought the Oilers were going all the way this year. And for a flicker of a moment, I too did wonder. But poor Skinner didn't have his best showing, Nugget disappeared down the center, depth scoring was not deep enough and it felt like a team outcoached. 

One might say: 

The more things change
The more the Oilers still fail
To learn from data


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