Coming! Tuesday, January 2nd!

Of note! I know that there are many hot, talented women of the Oilogosphere and I salute them. But is there really any competition for Hot-Oil's The Prez? Right. I didn't think so.

So, I give to you, the hottest men of the Oilogosphere. If you haven't submitted your picture, please do so or you will be assigned a picture. Also, any information about you would be appreciated - your favorite oiler, at what rate you're losing your hair, what you look for in a lady, etc. (Send here)

Here's what the schedule will look like:
January 2 - Andy Grabia vs. The Anonymous Poster vs. AsiaOil
January 4 - Black Dog vs. Chris! vs. Colby Cosh
January 6 - Dennis vs. Donecoyote vs. Kinger
January 8 - Lord Bob vs. Lowetide vs. Marc Ciampa
January 10 - Matt vs. MattM vs. MC79
January 12 - Michael vs. MikeW vs. Mirtle
January 14 - Pleasure Motors vs. RiversQ vs. Sacamano
January 16 - Shawn vs. Speeds vs. Vic Ferrari

The next round will begin January 18th. All voting will be anonymous.

(And really, we'll need something to keep our minds busy while the Oilers go in the tank)


Shawn said…
Yes! I made it.

So do you want _one_ picture or multiple. I remember with Hot Oil every round there was something new.
Anonymous said…
Geez, I wasn't kidding when I said my camera was broken. Ah, well. I have to travel until the second, but you'd better believe that you'll be getting some cell-phone-camera awesomeness when I'm back.
Anonymous said…
Good thing I'm not using my first name - we'd have an IOF v. MC79 v. (good half of) BOA first round matchup.

I have decided to vote purely on the basis of facial hair, myself. Sacamano v. RQ v. PM looks like a bloodbath.
Anonymous said…
So this is the part where you guys come out and are judged as pieces of meat... There isn't going to be a swimsuit round is there?
Anonymous said…
I face Mirtle in round one? I'm doomed! Dooooooooomed~!

Well, better get to digging out my camera today!
Doogie2K said… love for me? I guess this is what happens when you don't pimp your intermittent ramblings. :(

Oh, and it's gotta be Anonymouse for round one. Gotta be.

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