Hot and Not in 2006: A Recap

HOT ugh, so NOT
Craig MacTavishCraig Simpson
The Playoff RunThe Playoffs End
Marty in StereoMarty in Boston
Ethan Moreau's Hot BodEthan Moreau's Shoulder
Chris "Hero" ProngerChris "Fucking" Pronger
Joffrey Lupul's EyesJoffrey Lupul's Eye for the Net
Ulanov in EdmontonUlanov in Russia
Schremp in the OSchremp in a Speedo
Roli vs. CheechooRoli vs. Bergeron
The RookiesThe Number of Rookies
Our Christmas GiftsOur Christmas Record
This Website and the girls who maintain it.The fact that we didn't think of it sooner.

As much as we wanted a Stanley Cup, sometimes it's not in the cards. I think we'll all remember the run with fondness, longing and respect. Lets look towards 2007 and take the ups with the downs. It's going to be a good year, regardless of what happens.

Thanks for the support! Best of luck to you and your loved ones in the New Year!

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Alana said…
Nice list! Happy New Year everyone!
Anonymous said…
I was cruising Technorati when I ran across your blog site. Great job ladies! Keep it up. Sorry though have to cheer on our local team, even if they are having a rough go of it this year..... Go Hurricanes!! (live just outside of Raleigh NC.
Have a great New Year!
Anonymous said…
Happy News Years!
Anonymous said…
oh seriously, that was hilarious... I loved the Pronger and Lupul reference... *sigh*

Happy New Years, girls!

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