Hey! Where did Hejda go?

That's right kids.. While it was overshadowed by the apparent collapse of the Oilers management (see any blog in the Oilogosphere), Jan Hejda was not signed by the Oil.

Hot, talented, and one of the only players who gave a damn in the last half of the season.. and now he's a Columbus Blue Jacket.

Smooth move Howson.


uni said…
WTF, how the hell did that happen?

One of the only bright spots last season gone...funions.
Bethany said…
Yayyyyyyyyy it makes me happy to see you guys talk good about him...I was worried.
Anonymous said…
Was it the Hejda/MacT disconnect?

Why'd that never work, anyway?
Anonymous said…
bitchany - I liked what little I got to see of Hejda. Good move for Howson I think. Hear that Columbus has a great fan base too, so I'm happy for all involved.
Except maybe too bad for Oilers though.

Epinonymous - just wondering what you mean by the Hejda/MacT disconnect.
Anonymous said…
MacT just wasn't impressed with Hejda for months and months. I was just wondering if it was a personality clash.

Whenever someone goes for no reason or stays for no reason it always seems to me there's way more behind the scenes than what we see.
Anonymous said…
psst....Toby is now a Star
Unknown said…
Hejda will score 3 goals next year. 2 of them will be against Edmonton.

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