Tastes Great, Mom!

Awwww! It's a baby advertising whore taking his first steps. I actually think Gretzky's acting ability has decreased since this was shot, if that's possible. This ad really is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in in the corpse of the world's loudest, craziest, most nonsense-spewing hobo: Why would they have sugary soda for players to drink on the bench? Did that guy just shoot a bottle of 7-Up at Michel Larocque? Why did everyone on the Jets have terrible hair? Who's that creep staring at the camera over Gretzky's shoulder? Did anyone get fired over this ad? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Well...nothing's happening. I think K.Lo is on vacation or something, so a crappy ad with dubious ties to the Oil is the best I can do, folks. Looking UP!


"Steve Smith" said…
He's not on vacation, he's signing Finnish RFA defensemen to one year contracts worth $2.4 million. Geez.
Alana said…
Yeah, yeah. Pitkanen is old news.
DMFB said…
Why would they have sugary soda for players to drink on the bench?

Ridiculous as this seems now, I think they actually did it back then. As I recall from Boys on the Bus, anyway, the pre-game drink of choice in the locker room seemed to be Coke (Grant Fuhr joke? Anyone?), and I think one of the complaints about the Oilers, or maybe the Flames, was how they would only serve shitty, generic-brand cola to opposing players, saving The Real Thing for themselves.

Could be worse, I guess: didn't Guy Lafleur used to smoke on breakaways or something?
Anonymous said…
Still love that "Bo knows..." commercial


even though Gretzky was with the LA Kings by then. An appearance by Bo Diddley was the cherry on top.

And count me as another fan still hoping for another Winnipeg team, though not through expansion. Looooong shot, I know but one can always hope :)

In a short interview yesterday Lowe sounded quite pleased with Pitkanen's contract. I suppose I expected something longer though.
Sounds like he's still chatting with other GMs too.
Anonymous said…
Gretzky is the worst actor ever. Besides Claire Danes.
Lord Bob said…
If I knew Wayne Gretzky, I'd introduce him as "this is Wayne, from our Edmonton operation" just to piss him off.
Anonymous said…
Tania said…
I remember that commercial. After about a billion takes of Gretzky trying to say, "Bo knows hockey" they decided to have him just say, "no" as he couldn't screw up too badly with one word.

Man I still love that man.

You should have a Oiler hockey hall of fame hot off.
Anonymous said…
I like that idea. Could have a "then' winner and a "now" winner.
Anonymous said…
Gasp! I must clarify my previous post. I meant to say Kirsten Dundst and NOT Claire Danes. Sorry, Claire!
Anonymous said…
Err, Kirsten Dunst. Sigh, I'll stop now.
Anonymous said…
Is that true about giving the opposing teams the generic brand colas? That's funny. Some of you are probably too young to remember, but generic brands back then (unlike now) really were quite bad.

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