Oh Captain, New Captain

Dear Oilers players,

Better looking people do prosper.


The Fans


Alana said…
That picture of Moreau on the Oilers site is hilarious. It looks like he's laughing at all the losers who didn't get chosen to be captain. MWAHAHA!
Marsha said…
Hot tamales and the captaincy...it's all going to his head!
Anonymous said…
How do you explain Chelios, though? :(
Anonymous said…
Cute kids!;)
Kirsten said…

That picture of Moreau makes me smile, along with him.
Anonymous said…
Moreau sure has a great smile when he's got his tooth in :-) Really though, I agree with the previous poster, kirstin. That smile is making me smile too. He'll be a good captain.
And yeah, those kids are cuuuute!

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