How hot is our new GM?

I know Alana likes the 'stache and I don't think I can resist those eyes... 

But the best part of it all, taking something from the Canucks. 


Marsha said…
'Stache is a no-no! But is he an improvement on Lowe? In the looks department, yes!
Q-girl said…
The 'stache is a oui oui! It means the boy is nasty. Somehow I caught the 'stache lovers illness from a jr league goalie for whom I have mad passions.
Anonymous said…
Interesting tidbit: the NJD's became a "mickey mouse operation" immediately after Tambellini was traded NJD->Calgary.

Tania said…
Dear Hot-Oilers. A friend of mine (true story, I don't have time to date) was checking up on her POF profile and started checking on those who were checking on her. Kind of like reverse stalking or something.

Anyway, since I'm the hockey fanatic, she messaged me a profile asking if I know who this dude is.

He claims he's an NHLer, living in Vancouver.

The pictures show him wearing a Dallas Stars uniform.

I couldn't pick him out from Adam but figured you smart cookies would be able to figure out who he is.

If he's a former "star" we can probably make fun of his emo pics.

Oh, I suppose I should attach the link:

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