19 January 2009

The Clip

Thanks Andy!


Lord Bob said...


Dez said...

The awesomeness of that is boundless.

Anonymous said...

that is nine different kinds of fantastic. and it keeps getting better each time i watch it.

i'm concerned about Gene's personal sense of rhythm, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy you put this up here. I think I've watched it about 100 times today and it never gets old!

Anonymous said...

I love the clap clap. But I love Hemsky more.

iris said...

You gotta get in the rhythm Gino - You'll learn.


Lord Bob said...

Once more for Hemsky, with feeling!


Marsha said...

Finally the clip. I've been trying to find it for days.

Clap clap!

Too awesome!

J.R. said...

"Is this Hall and Oates?"

"No, you got to get in the rhythm Geno. You'll learn, you'll learn."

"We're almost ready for a clap."