Hey there! I hope you all had a great holiday! I just thought I'd put up a quick post to congratulate Team Canada on their 5th straight gold medal at the IIHF Juniors -- especially the Oilers' own Jordan Eberle, who had an amazing tournament. And who is also hot. Nice work, fellas!


Loxy said…
I'm still not on the hot train to Eberletown, but kid's got some skillz.

And I'll have more posts here upon acquiring a new computer. I've been relegated to an iPod for my internetting since the day after boxing day.
Garnet said…
The Hot Off's runner-up Souray just got named to the All-Star team, which got me to thinking that you ladies should try to pick the hotties from the whole league now. Not a full playoff from the entire NHL, of course, but maybe just the bloggers could single out a few who've caught their eye as the league's finest. NOBODY SAY MALKIN.
Shelly said…
"Nobody say Malkin" LMAO!

I wasn't even thinking of it. I could name off some, but I refuse to choose from teams I hate. Like the Yucks, or the Red Unmentionables. And I have to sneak around about my secret pick off the Laffs who I would normally not choose from under any circumstances.
Marsha said…
That's right, who cares about other teams. As far as I'm concerned, all non-current Oilers are ugly.

Yes, Eberle definitely has the hotness gene. Give him a few years, he'll man-up and be super hot!

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