Breaking NEWS: Marty Reasoner reads

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Reader and movie watcher Marty Reasoner flew a lot last season when he played for Edmonton, a long way from other NHL cities. The Oilers took two two-week road trips and two one-week road trips every year.

I get too stressed watching or listening to Oilers games this season to write anything... but I'm just letting you know I'm still here.


Anonymous said…
Another Marty story....

(I hope the link works - its linked on the home page of the Atlanta Thrashers homepage).
Lord Bob said…
This just in: Oilers confirm Dustin Penner "possibly literate".
Anonymous said…
Lord Bob you're a bad boy ;-)

I miss Marty, but Hot Brodz is looking pretty good out there. Gotta a big smile when he got that goal the other night.

Made the mistake of following the standings too closely and ended up dizzy and nauseous. Watching and listening is giving me crazy palpitations but I can't stay away for my own good.
Shelly said…
I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo that is having blood pressure/stress issues every game.
I was at the Phx game, cuz I live here, and I have to confess to shouting to Penner if he did good things I had cupcakes for him...and then Souray scored and I said "I have a lot more than cupcakes for YOU" much to the amusement of the guys in front of me.
Oh and you guys!!!! Hilarious!!! Souray's penalty in that game, well they played Private Eyes, oh I was rolling!!! See. That's why they won.

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