01 February 2009

It's like a shout out

I never feel good about Sunday afternoon games. I'm sure there is probably a statistical explanation for this, but hot oil isn't the place for real depth game coverage.

Things I'm hoping for this game:

1. Roli plays decently. In other words, he stops 9 out of 10 shots. He shakes off his helmet at least once. He gives out a few hits with his blocker. I don't like when Roli gets TOO much on a roll, things fall apart after that. I just want "good enough" right now.

2. A good effort. I don't think it's much to ask of a team to put in the effort that they are paid to give. Too often this Oiler team is up and down. Just some sustained roll would be nice.

3. Ethan Moreau doesn't try too much. I'm scared he's starting to think he's an all-around player. Just don't take the stupid penalties and I'll be happy with just your pretty face.

Off to cover a Chinese New Year parade. Hopefully I can catch some of the online banter in the comments at Lowetide later.


Clap clap!


Anonymous said...

Yes boys, let's get a nice rhythm going from here on out. That'd be very sexy.
Clap clap.

Isabellanella said...

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