Enemy #1

When I see him on TV, hear his name, read anything about him, I get this knot in my soul. It's a pain that can only be soothed by looking deep into the eyes of Joffrey Lupul and imagining his lips form the words "Oh, Loxy."

And even still, there is still a feeling that I that remains - a lingering hate. I can't get over it. And I hope the Oilers haven't either.

This is their greatest challenge yet, playing a team with two number 1 goaltenders, a capable forward set, and a number 1 jerkface.

Am I ever going to forgive him for abandoning us? Not anytime soon. But it will make it feel better tonight when the Oil put him in his place.


WhoreableGuy said…
I've played this scene through my head a thousand times since the Pronger trade :

The puck is dropped, the game just started. The Oilers get the puck in the zone deep...Pronger picks up the puck in the corner and before he can look up to make a play, WHAM!!! Raffi Torres with a crushing hit and Chris Pronger goes down with a season ending shoulder injury.
Anonymous said…
I've already stated how I'd like Pronger to die over at BofA.

I hate him and this is how much: I hate him more than I hate the Calgary Flames. I hate him more than I hate the Vancouver Canucks. I hate him more than I janet jones. If you only knew how much and severely I hated them all. Especially the canucks.

People just have to mention his name and I go on a rant, I see read, I wish death.
Alana said…
Pronger is a douche. That is all.
Anonymous said…
Pronger is a tool. I'm hoping for a nice Duck pounding tonight. Please, Oilers, you need this! I need this! Wipe that smirk off CP's face.
Jordi said…
Well if it's all about how he's goind to (die) end the season early then I like to get creative. This is where MAB has fans throwing things at him and when he's not looking he accidently spears Pronger right in the heart with a silver knife. Pronger, may rip MAB's head off as revenge before he dies.

It seems pretty plausible.
Cheeky Umbrella said…
Where did you get the pic of the burning jersey? Classic.
Shawn said…
I'm glad my work can live on!

Too bad we lost

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