Zzzz...what, three minutes left?

I attended tonight's game against Vancouver, which was the longest game in the history of the NHL. It felt like it, anyway. Extreme boredom was sandwiched nicely between the exciting first three minutes, and the nailbiter last three. Again, the sloppy play by the Oilers was almost cancelled out by the goaltender's prowess. Hats off to you, Jussi, even if you only faced 22 shots.

And where the hell did Thoreson come from (besides the obvious, I mean)? Norway's darling is a little machine. Also, congratulations extended to Steve Staios for assisting on both Moreau's goal and Thoreson's goal. And for being the first star.

The Bergeron hate continues! Rightly so, because he is terrible. At what point will we get to see the sexy play of Jan Hejda?


Jordi said…
I knew Staios was hot for something!

... Can October 31st be annual MAB hate day or something?
Alana said…
Yay Oilers! I knew we could defeat the evil twins.

I agree that Johnny Knoxville on skates should be allowed to play.

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