16 November 2006

Crazy Oiler Anagrams!!

Marty Reasoner = Sorry, Maneater.
Igor Ulanov = Valour in go.
Craig MacTavish = A vast, rich magic.
Dwayne Roloson = Slow rod anyone
Ethan Moreau = Human eat roe
Ales Hemsky = He my ass elk

What good ones have you found? http://www.anagramlogic.com/


Karen said...

Dwayne's a slow rod? Hmmm, good thing or bad? Hard to say.

fleecefish said...

Hemsky's MY ass elk <3

And, to end my comment, a midget fight!

Alana said...

Joffrey Lupul = our jelly puff


She said...

"Craig MacTavish = A vast, rich magic."

Oh, yes.

Anonymous said...

Craig Simpson - imposing scar

Miss. Scarlett said...

What exactly is "roe"?

We all suspected MacT was magic and this just proves it.

Anonymous said...

Roe is just fish eggs.

Anonymous said...

"Go in Valour" makes more sense. Not to be mean or anything.