05 November 2006

Oilers Drinking Game

With the Oilers in the midst of a tail-spin, their games can be pretty tough to watch. Sometimes it's enough to drive you to drink -- so why not make a game of it?

Take a drink when:

Oilers win a faceoff
An Oiler blocks a shot
Oilers get a 5 on 4 Power Play
Oilers goalie drinks from his water bottle
Roloson starts yapping at the refs
MacTavish is shown with his mouth wide open
Smytty is in the crease or screening the goalie
MAB makes a defensive error
Greene gets a penalty
One of the players makes you swoon (for any reason)
Girls in the stands wearing tight shirts are shown
An Oilers fan in an opposing arena is shown
A fan’s sign makes you laugh
An ex-Oiler gets booed at Rexall

Take two drinks when:
An Oiler blocks a shot with his face
Oilers kill a penalty
Oilers breakaway
Oilers get a 5 on 3 Power Play
A goalie (either team) gets a penalty
Hemsky has a clear shot on net and chooses to pass instead
Roloson’s mask pops off
Roloson bats the puck down the ice like a baseball
MAB takes a shot and hits one of the Oilers
Raffi makes a big hit
There’s a fight
There have been 5 consecutive passes on the Power Play without a shot on net
You can see (or hear) one of the players say “fuck”
Your favourite Oiler gets interviewed at intermission
You learn nothing from the intermission player interview
The current Oilers get booed at Rexall

Finish the rest of your drink when:
Any Guns n’ Roses song is played
Oilers score
Roloson gets in a fight (finish a second drink if it’s a goalie vs. goalie fight!)
MacTavish loses his mind on the refs
Oilers goalie gets an assist
Oilers get a shutout
Oilers finish a Power Play without a single shot on net
You actually miss Conklin

Chug until you pass out when:
McGeough is reffing the game. It’s better that you not watch.


Loxy said...

Drink when commentators make some backhanded compliment about Marty Reasoner.

Jordi said...

Nothing for Pronger?

Alana said...

ix-nay on the onger-pray.

dawgbone said...

Fuck... might have to switch to light beer for this game.

Pick 2 random games this year, and count up the number of drinks this would be... rough guess, 165 (not including full chugs and downing your drinks).

Makes the century club look like pre-school snack time.

Anonymous said...

That's a recipe for disaster, my friend.

OilGirl24 said...

Haha...well done! Clever post.

the Prez said...

I will be very hung over on Wednesday.

And this post made me laugh out loud.

Black Dog said...


Cheeky Umbrella said...

Make sure to have a pre-drinking game meal that includes carrots, red peppers, corn and broccoli. Then if the game is boring at least your puke will be colourful and interesting.

EW. Sorry - that was gross.

Marsha said...

I will be drunk if I follow only one of those rules and drunk after five minutes. Which one?

"Hemsky has a clear shot on net and chooses to pass instead"