This man is seriously NOT hot.

The antics of this man are irreparable. This showboating tub of lard took the game into his own hands and the result was devastating. The Oil deserved better, baby Jesus cried and in response the silver fox, hot-oil's 2nd runner up, said some things that erred on the side of inappropriate (but boy what a clip!).

I can forgive MacT. I've used the same "R" word many a time.
"You don’t call retarded people retards. It’s bad taste. You call your friends retards – when they’re acting retarded."
His attention to public commentary detail was lost in a moment of complete emotion.

I can't forgive Mick McGeough. He deserves to pay for his mistakes. And that's the inherent problem... it wasn't just one mistake, you fucking piece of shit.


Jordi said…
I had to roll myself in a fetal position and cry myself to sleep.
the Prez said…
Let's lynch him next time he comes to town. The Urban Lounge folk was none-too-pleased.
Marsha said…
I'm in for a lynching. Absolutely. I was ready to lead one last night at the game. I was calling for a riot. But calmer heads prevailed. Damn.

And I'm not upset at all about him calling the call retarded. He wasn't calling anyone retarded, he said Magoo's call was retarded. And it was.
Gisele said…
I lol at the people who got upset over MacT's usage of the word 'retarded'. Since when are people so politically correct? He wasn't calling anyone retarded, he simply used the word to describe the call. Mact is very close to Joey, and I'm sure he meant no offence to him or any other actually retarded person.

Anyways, I'm fucking pissed. I still haven't gotten over last night, and I want to kick McFat in the face. The bastard.
Anonymous said…
Sigh. Sigh. SIGH.
I hate McIdiot. I do believe that he will be reffing when Pronger is here. We're screwed.
Alana said…
FUCK McGeough. Fuck him to hell.

Prez, you watched the game at the Urban Lounge? uhm...last I lived in Edmonton, that place was filled with frat boys. For your sake, I'm hoping the sitch has improved.

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