Of all the games left in the season, why did the Oil have to go and win this one? Not only did last night's shootout win against Colorado put us farther away from a first draft pick, it did nothing to help the Avs catch the (ew) Flames in the standings.

The good news: my boyfriend Dwayne Roloson stopped a season-high 43 shots to get the first star of the game, Hemsky's back and scoring goals, Loxy's boyfriend Marty Reasoner got the shootout winner, and Lupul scored on the ice for once!

That's all well and good, but let's get back to losing -- first draft pick, here we come!


Lady_Byng said…
Great post.

Yet I get some anonymous person posting comments on my blog that I am 'childish' in hoping for the Avs to knock the Flames out of the playoffs; being that 'your hate for another team is overshadowing your love for your own team'.
Give me a break.

Reasoner's goal was pretty hawt I must say.
Anonymous said…
Yours just annoyed me the most. Get over it. Your whining is just proving my point.

Would it make you feel better if I called this blog on its BS too?

I do try to respect freedom of speech. It was your Gooooo Avs that got me pissed off.

Your response made me realize that fans really don't see the problem in wanting their team to lose as long as the ends justify the means.

You want to talk to me, go ahead. But complaining abut me behind my back? That's cold.
Lady_Byng said…
Whatever. So I talked about you behind your back. Seems that you are still trying to prove some point by following me around.
Call me a whiner, call me cold, call me what you want, cuz you aren't the 1st one to call me names. And you probably won't be the last.
Did my saying "GOOOOOOOOO AVS" really piss you off that much?
Maybe you have too much time on your hands then.

Sorry to the hot-oil gals for this anonymous person bringing their drama to your page from mine.
For that I apologize; to you anonymous person, get over yourself.
Dcfung said…
Whatever man, Lady_Byng I'm totally with you. What is this guy, the thought police? We can hate whatever team we want!

That being said, my personal feelings are that I don't want the oil to lose at all (as disgusted as I am with the Smyth trade), I just want the guys to do well and screw management. I see the advantage of going for a draft pick, but really is that hockey?

- D
Katie O'D said…
Well come on, Lady_Byng, that was pretty inconsiderate of you to talk about that person behind their back, even though I don't think anonymous commenters on the internet HAVE backs, or if they do I'm not sure where they'd be or how far you'd have to go to be talking behind them...
Anyway go Avs (and for today go Hawks too).
Anonymous said…
i've accepted the dive for five as hard as it is to watch the relentless carnage. however, i will not be satisfied until calgary and carolina are out. so LB, to your go avs, i add go habs!!!
Anonymous said…
Here's to Roli getting serious consideration for Team Canada next month!

Anonymous said…
My name is Nadia Ahmed, and I'm from Buffalo. Yet I choose to follow the Oil because I love them. It hurts to see fans so close to the team(geographically) writing in certain ways on their blogs.

Reading the blogs is pretty much my only way of getting Oil pics or Oil news, except for the Sun and Journal. I have to hear my boys are sick from the random Oil coverage I get on Center Ice. I'll probably never set a foot in Rexall Place. I'm trying to make the best of the bad times.

Do I have a back now? Am I worthy of anything?

There is no drama. I have no idea why people are so defensive. I'm just one girl. I have opinions. Who cares?
Alana said…
Nadia, the last line of this post was written with tongue firmly in cheek. You may want to consider lightening up.
Anonymous said…
Alana, I realize that everyone's "joking." It's all one big joke. And I'm a very jovial person outside of the Oil.

Whatever. If I have to look like the bad guy for being serious, I will.


Just making comments. Not insulting anyone, not horribly angry at anyone.

I never believed anyone would care, period. LOL.

I think I'm done commenting on blogs. :D

PS I only stated by name b/c the anonymous factor to my comments was brought up 3 or 4 times.
LittleFury said…
Is it our fault that the Oilers have run their season into the ground to the point that the only things worth hoping for involve them continuing to do poorly?

Let's put our Positivity Pants on and GOILERS! Win those last 6 games and we...uh..can...um...catch...Columbus? Yay?
Anonymous said…
Did I mention that I really like you, littlefury? K.

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