How quickly you will be forgotten.

The Oilers have recalled a little taste of the QMJHL in the form of Sebastien Bisaillon on an emergency basis after Smid was injured in Saturday's game. He has dreamy eyes. As Joffrey Lupul has proven so well, it takes much more than nice eyes to get the job done.

TSN reports in the last paragraph of this article that Nedved is no longer an Oiler. But don't ask the Oilers webiste, because they still have him listed on the roster. Apparently he's out on IR for tomorrow's game. Nedved beat his last stint with the Oilers by a total of three games. May he never come back again.


Alana said…
Smell ya later, Bedhead.
Anonymous said…
If we're running out of defensemen, can we bring back Ulanov?

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