The Prez's Saturday Night told to me (and the oilogosphere) via email:

First off, I'm somewhat (ok, really) intoxicated. I just came back from watching-theOilers-get-spanked-by-Nashville-then-went-to-Hudsons
But yes, Alana...why did they win last night? I went to that game wanting Colorado to win for the obvious reasons (and then all the teams behind us fucking went on and lost tonight)...but then something changed. Yeah. Roloson was fucking amazing. Reasoner? He was the only one who scored on the shootout. I don't know if you guys were able to watch that game, but it didn't even seem like we were outshot 2:1. The last two periods (because we all know by now these Oilers cannot play all three periods well) were awesome. Something happened and I wanted them to win. It was sick. I should not have let emotions get to me. But I was glad they won. Your gentlemen friends were awesome. Well, mine was, too, but for a different
league (hello...Igor Ulanov's three point game in a playoff sweep over Malkin's former team...). And just an aside: I'm in contact with a season ticket holder for the Lokomotiv, and she says that Grebeshkov is quite the offensive defenseman (I'm sure MacT will change THAT in a hurry), but he makes plenty o' grave defensive errors (MAB?). And Mikhnov is carrying the team through the playoffs. Apparently he's God over there right now. Fucker. And Ulanov is getting game misconduct penalties like it's nobody's business.

Oilers sightings: I saw Greene at O'Byrnes on St. Patrick's day, and I had a conversation with him for about three minutes. We discussed how we were both fans of Igor Ulanov. How sweet. Then he said that he was like his grandpa. Sexy! Tonight I had the "pleasure" of seeing Lupul, Mommy, Jacques, Hemsky, Greene and Smid (he's sort of built funny) at Hudson's on
Whyte. I think they should have been sitting in the corner thinking how they ruined our lives.

This e-mail is about nothing. But Gilbert looks Ulanovesque, and I like it.


Alana said…
The Prez is rad.
the Prez said…
Haha. Contrary to the rage present in this e-mail, I thought I actually had a pretty good night.
Black Dog said…
Mommy? - Winchester?

Interesting crew - all the dads (Smith, Horcoff, Reasoner, Roli) went home, I guess.

Or they were at another bar, tired of babysitting these clowns (Ales excepted).
Anonymous said…
I would have assumed Raffi would have been downing a few but perhaps the bar was not hiphoppy enough for him.

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