"Good news for you if you're not Rick DiPietro."

Or the rest of the Islanders.

In a scenario that a Mr. Ryan Smyth might be sort of familiar with, the goaltender of his current team, the NY Islanders, is out indefinitely TSN reports. Right near playoff time. The 67.5 million dollar man was injured on March 13th and is now suffering from post-concussion symptoms. DiPietro missed the two games following his collision with a Montreal player and NYI lost both games, allowing 13 goals. That draft pick might be looking tastier than previously thought.

And I can only assume that Bergeron is somehow responsible.


Anonymous said…
Bergeron! But of course!
Marsha said…
Bergeron, thank you!
Anonymous said…
I should have said:
Bergeron! Mais oui!
Anonymous said…
Maybe he drilled his own goalie in the forehead this time.
Elly said…
Whenever a goalie falls, I look around for Bergeron.
Steph said…
I think it's important I state how happy the last line of this post just made me.

It would just be disappointing if he weren't to blame!

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