The Oilers Shopping Channel

Gentlemen, have you ever felt the need to drape your special lady in Oilers logos? Lucky for you, these beauties are now on offer for a limited time only! For only five dollars more, pick up the matching necklace and bask in her appreciation. After all, "gold" novelty jewellery is a girl's best friend!

While you're at it, treat yourself to this classy number. Your friends will be jealous and your boss will be impressed. It truly is the ultimate in style -- Ask Craig Simpson!


Lord Bob said…
Sorry, eBay, I only wear metal straps. Not enough leather straps these days are made out of actual dead cow and I can't take the chance of getting some synthetic rigamarole
Anonymous said…
I have an Oilers necklace :P

I found another off-the-ice picture of one of the Oilers.. this time it's Torres :|
Alana said…
Oh, my. Thanks, anonymous!
allan said…
You want classy?

This is classy.

Class is measured in dollars, right?
Jordi said…
Screw it. I'm buying those earrings.
Jordi said…

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