02 October 2008

Day 5: In those moving pictures

Sorry guys, I didn't mean for it to work out like this. Any of these guys could've won the last fight. A good battle right?

Dwayne Roloson:

Erik Cole:

Ethan Moreau:

Fernando Pisani:

Suggest your favourite videos in the comments!!



Lord Bob said...

Alana's the Roloson-lover here, right? Because it almost looks like somebody wanted to try and squeeze out as much of Rolo's competition in the first round as possible...

What? Alphabet? Don't talk to me 'bout no alphabet.

Anyway, Pisani got my vote, because St. Albert Saints are hot, and Pisani in particular can impregnate women from the opposite sidewalk.

Bethany said...

The Moreau video is the best. Laraque made me giggle. I really like this hot off better than the others!

Alana said...


DMFB said...

My heart wants to go with the spicy meatball, but Ethan Moreau is just too damn sexy.

T. said...

Even two years of injury can't make Ethan less hot.

Although this round was HARD!



Loxy said...

"Chicks love the long hair"

Thanks Captain America.

doritogrande said...

Colitis? Not sexy.
Severe neck injury? Not sexy.
Getting run by lil' Marc-Andre? Not sexy (X4).

Breaking bones blocking shots?


doritogrande said...

t.: saw that video. I couldn't watch past seeing Marc Pouliot. That is a ugly, ugly hockey player.

Lady_Byng said...

Ethan with a buzz cut is still hotter than the other 3 in this group any day. Love the Fernie video tho!

T. said...

Pouli is definitely NOT HOT in that video (and stoned? Just woke up? Incredibly dumb?)but the rest of it's pretty funny. Nilsson is weird. JDD has odd taste in sweaters.

And back to the round: I love how many people love Fernie - quite a respectable tally considering.

Anonymous said...

Moreau is hot (and healthy! Yay!) but Roli will get my vote.

Black Dog said...

Great stuff esp. the LeGG quiz of Moreau.

My vote is for San Fernando though.

What the hell does Souray wear anyhow? Silken pantaloons?